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Centrifuge Tubes


Centrifuge tubes are used to keep fluid during centrifuges, which separate the sample into its components by rotating rapidly around a certain axis. These contain conical bottles, which help to centrifug any solid or heavy parts of the sample. These tubes can withstand upto 1500 RPM during centrifuges. Most of the wide range of globe-shaped laboratory applications are sure to fit.


  • New, leak-proof design

  • Tested at 14psi

  • Tested for leachability and extractables

  • Fit all standard and high capacity centrifuge rotors

  • DNase, RNase, Human DNA-free



  • Manufactured using high purity virgin polypropylene (PP)

  • FDA-approved polypropylene grade

  • Free from heavy metals, natural rubber & additives


  • Manufactured in a human touch-free plant with class 100K clean room facility

  • DNase, RNase, Human DNA-free

  • Can be centrifuged at up to 16,000 RCF

  • Withstand temperature from -80°C to 120°C

  • Black graduation makes identification easy

  • Large white frosted portion for easy writing

  • Sterilized by ETO or Gamma radiation

Ordering Information

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