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Blood Separation Pad
  (Serum Separation Pad)

blood separation pad.png

Blood Separation membrane describes a simple, cost-effective and practical pad and metering system that is well suited for use in traditional lateral flow strips. The sample size of the blood for the described metering system is usually at 1-5 μl. The design and development of this metering tool stems from existing lateral flow technology, and it can be produced extensively by similar lateral flow fabrication processes.

This metering system provides an interesting option to overcome technical challenges that currently limit the expansion of lateral flow technology in quantitative diagnostic applications with optional flow testing and red blood cell separation capabilities.

Key Features

  • Fast wick: Rapid flow-rate allowing faster assays

  • No visible haemolysis

  • Uniformity: Strong in-process control for blend, environment and thickness allows consistent performance

  • High-purity material: Near- universal chemical compatibility

  • Pre-treated options: Suitable for higher volume of blood


blood separation pad specifications.png


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