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Flow Through Membrane


A flow through membrane immunosese was developed for faster detection of ocrotoxin A in wheat (pending patent). An immunodine ABC membrane was coated with rabbit anti-mouse immunoglobulin and blocked free protein binding sites. After these antibody-coated membranes were placed on an absorbent layer in a plastic testing device, a sequentially competitive enzyme immunosee was demonstrated.

The following agents were gradually dropped on the membrane: wash solution, a weakening of monoclonal anti-octatoxin, an immunoglobulin, wash solution, ocratoxin a standard solution or sample extract solution, ocratoxin a-horseroxin peroxidase conjugate and a weakening of the wash solution.

The intensity of the dot color on the membrane was visually visible compared to control, which show the most intense blue color due to the contrast relationship between toxin concentrations and color growth. A portable chromatic was used to confirm and quantified visual comments. 0.4 ng/ng in a ochratoxin buffer solution The concentration of ML completely suppressed the development of color.


A) Membrane
B) Absorbent
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