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Micro Centrifuge Tubes


Made from Virgin PP, out of the finest moulds available, the Expel Microcentrifuse tubes are sterile, dénaise, arnage and pyren free certified. Expelled sterile microcentrifuge tubes are experiencing centrifugation force of 20.000 g and will be an ultimate centrifugation solution for your laboratory with CAPPRondo microcentrifuge (CR-68X). The main features of this microcentrifuge tubes are a hand operation to open and close the tube, accurate sealing and protect a polished interior from protein adhesion. On top of that, exphel sterile microcentrifuse tubes provide high clarity for the most optimal sample visibility.


Exclusive and explanable microcentrifuge tubes are also available in exclusive secure design, reducing the risk of accidental openings compared to the hing lid. The exclusive accelerator secure design also gives reliable sample integration with a long proof sample integration as well as at least sample loss due to leakage proof performance and evaporation during incubation or storage.


  • Easy-to-use snap cap, leak-proof design

  • Tested for leachability and extractables

  • Fit all standard and high capacity centrifuge rotors

  • Very high transparency


  • Manufactured using high purity virgin polypropylene (PP)

  • FDA-approved polypropylene grade free from heavy metals, natural rubber & additives

  • Manufactured in a human touch-free plant with class 100K clean room facility

  • DNase, RNase, Human DNA-free

  • Can be centrifuged at up to 16,000 RCF

  • Withstand temperature from -80°C to 120°C

  • Sterilized by ETO or Gamma radiation

  • In-built graduation to ensure exact sample volume

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